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Welcome to SuperPlumbers Long Island, Ltd. We are your reliable plumbing, heating, and drain cleaning service provider located in Port Jefferson Station. With over 40 years of experience and a commitment to integrity, we take pride in offering top-notch plumbing services to our clients. Our experienced plumbers perform all work, ensuring that you receive the highest quality service. We are licensed and insured, giving you peace of mind when you choose us. From repairs in faucets, drains, leaks, and water heater repair and replacement to oil to gas conversions, we've got you covered. Trust us to be your superhero in the plumbing and heating industry. Contact us at (888) 547-5862 today to schedule your appointment.

Services Tailored to Your Needs

So, you’ve decided it’s time to fix that leaking pipe, but you’re not sure where to go. Never fear. Here at SuperPlumbers Long Island Ltd., our years of experience mean we can provide a wide range of quality services tailored to your individual needs. We take our work very seriously, and we don’t cut corners. We strive to ensure your experience with us is hassle-free, smooth, and extremely professional.

The Benefits of Oil to Gas Conversions

If you are still using oil as your primary heating source, it's time to consider making the switch to natural gas. At SuperPlumbers Long Island, we offer professional oil to gas conversion services that come with numerous benefits. Natural gas is a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly option, with lower maintenance costs and longer equipment lifespans. You can also enjoy reliable and consistent heat, as natural gas is piped directly into your home. Our experienced team can guide you through the entire conversion process, from installing new gas lines to upgrading your equipment.
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How Our Plumbing and Heating Services Can Help You?

As your house is a haven, it is crucial for homeowners to make sure it is cozy, functional, and free of issues. The heating and plumbing systems of a house are two essential components. These services are essential to maintaining the best possible state of your house, from dripping faucets to freezing winter evenings.

We'll go into detail in this article on how our all-inclusive heating and plumbing services can keep your home cozy and useful. We'll go over the many facets of our offerings, their advantages, and potential effects on your house.

Plumbing Services

Faucet Repairs and Installations

More than merely fixtures, faucets are necessary for your home's access to clean water. Faucet malfunctions may cause discomfort, waste water, and perhaps even cause harm to the water supply. Our plumbing services are capable of handling these problems. We provide repairs for several kinds of faucets, including as ceramic disk, compression, and cartridge models.

Our knowledgeable specialists can identify and fix faucet faults fast, guaranteeing optimal performance and lowering the possibility of further problems. In addition, we provide new faucet installation services, making sure they are properly configured, prepared to assist you efficiently, and built to avert future problems.

Drain Cleaning and Repair

Your regular routine might be disrupted, unpleasant situations can arise, and even your health may be impacted by clogged or broken drains. To address these problems head-on, we provide expert drain cleaning and repair services as part of our plumbing services. We use cutting-edge technologies, such hydro-jetting, to get rid of tenacious obstructions and guarantee your drains function properly.

Our knowledgeable staff has the tools and skills to fix any drain issue, no matter how big or little. Our objective is to get your drainage system back to its ideal condition, enabling easy water flow and averting further problems.

Leak Detection and Repair

Water leaks may seriously harm your house, resulting in higher water bills and structural damage. Our plumbing services provide a thorough solution to this frequent issue, with a focus on leak detection and repair.

Our innovative techniques and cutting-edge tools enable us to precisely locate leak sources. Once the problem has been located, we provide quick fixes that work. Our preventive maintenance services save you money and protect your house from leaks.

Water Heater Repair and Replacement

A working water heater is essential to contemporary life since it provides hot water for cleaning, cooking, bathing, and other uses. Problems with your water heater might interfere with your daily schedule and jeopardize your comfort.

Our plumbing services provide expert water heater repair solutions for a range of problems, including broken components and pilot light concerns. Our goal is to have your water heater operating at peak efficiency so you can rely on it as a source of hot water.

We provide expert water heater replacement services in the event that your water heater is beyond repair. Our knowledgeable experts help you choose a conventional or energy-efficient tankless water heater. Your new water heater will provide consistent, dependable hot water for years because we carefully install it.

Heating Services

High-Efficiency Oil System Installation

During the winter, home heating is crucial to maintaining a warm and cozy environment. It's important to think about your heating system's efficiency if your house uses oil for heating. Triple pass boiler installation is our area of expertise in heating services.

With these boilers, you may save your fuel use compared to standard single pass boilers by an astounding 40–60%. Since selling oil is their main priority rather than efficiency improvements for your system, many oil firms may not be willing to tell you about this huge cost-saving potential.

Our very effective oil systems provide a mutually beneficial outcome. They lower your carbon impact in addition to saving you money on heating bills. By burning oil more effectively, these systems generate less pollutants and waste. Purchasing a high-efficiency oil system has both financial and environmental advantages, as it will help create a more sustainable and greener future.

Oil to Gas Conversions

Transitioning from oil to natural gas for heating is a significant advancement toward a more economical and ecologically conscious residence. We provide complete oil to gas conversion solutions as part of our heating services. In order to ensure a seamless transition, this procedure include installing new gas lines, updating current equipment, and getting the required licenses.

In addition to being more economical and efficient, natural gas is a cleaner and more ecologically friendly heating solution. Making the switch to natural gas helps the environment by lowering your carbon footprint and dependency on fossil fuels.

Our experts will help you through the changeover to ensure your heating system works well with natural gas.

Benefits of Our Comprehensive Plumbing and Heating Services

Reliability and Expertise

By selecting our heating and plumbing services, you may work with a group of very knowledgeable and proficient experts.

Our plumbers and heating engineers can handle anything from faucet repairs to heating system upgrades. We take pleasure in our dedication to providing each and every one of our clients with dependable and effective solutions.

Savings on Costs

Over time, you may save a lot of money by keeping your heating and plumbing systems in good working order. Our preventive maintenance services assist you in avoiding expensive repairs and taking care of any problems before they become more serious.

Your utility expenditures may also be significantly decreased by our energy-saving techniques and high-efficiency heating systems.

Accountability With Regards to the Environment

We recognize how critical it is to lessen our influence on the environment. We provide alternatives in our services that assist you in reducing your carbon impact. Our solutions encourage a greener and more sustainable house, whether it's installing high-efficiency oil systems or switching to natural gas.

Comfort and tranquility of mind

Stress may develop from home upkeep, particularly when problems appear out of the blue. Convenience and peace of mind are provided by our complete heating and plumbing services. We are here to take care of all your heating and plumbing requirements so you can live worry-free in a comfortable and functioning home.

Compliance and Safety

It is crucial to make sure your heating and plumbing systems are safe. Adherence to safety rules and comprehensive inspections are among our services.

Our specialists are skilled in spotting any risks and addressing them to lower the possibility of mishaps or system malfunctions. We put the health and safety of your family first by adhering to safety regulations.

Particularized Remedies

Since each house is different, your demands for heating and plumbing could not match those of your neighbors. We don't provide one-size-fits-all services; instead, we offer specialized solutions made to meet your unique needs. We tailor a strategy to your requirements, whether you have an older house with plumbing issues or want to improve your heating system.


Our heating and plumbing services are intended to improve your home's sustainability, efficiency, and comfort. Our heating services, which include installing high-efficiency oil systems and converting oil to gas, provide economical and green heating options.

You are investing proactively in your home's long-term health by selecting our services. Get in touch with us right now to find out more about how our heating and plumbing services can help you and your house, giving you years of worry-free living.